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31st Jul 2023

Sinéad O’Connor warned fans of ‘violent’ stalker two weeks before her death

Fiona Frawley

Sinéad O'Connor stalker

Sinéad had implored her followers not to engage with social media accounts claiming they knew her.

Sinéad O’Connor had warned her fans that she was being harassed by a stalker who made her “feel on edge” just two weeks before her death.

O’Connor had warned fans to not engage with fake social media accounts which were posing as her and urged anyone to check with her management before trying to contact her.

In a tweet, she said: “There is one stalker. Female. Violent: again, NEVER engage with anyone claiming they know me without asking my management.”

It isn’t the first time the singer had to deal with people pretending to be her online. One post claimed that someone “extremely disturbed” had been posting as the 56-year-old online.

“Also a warning, previously an extremely disturbed male sexual predator pretended to be me on Twitter,” she said.

“Please never engage with anyone claiming to be any celeb, without confirming they are who they say. This can be achieved by contact with their management.”

A close friend of O’Connor’s told The Sun: “Sinéad felt very uncomfortable. She had started a new life in ­London but this person was making her feel on edge.

“Sinéad confided in people and said she’d had gifts she believed to be from this person. It was upsetting.”

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