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06th Jan 2021

Snow and ice weather warning issued to entire island of Ireland

Rory Cashin

There is also a separate warning issued for the very low temperatures to be expected from 8pm.

As we reported, Tuesday night saw one county drop to -6.3°C, the lowest temperature of the winter so far, but even that didn’t bring with it a nationwide snow and ice warning.

That is what we’ve got from Met Eireann today though, as between them and the Met UK, there have been status yellow snow and ice warnings issued for the entire island of Ireland.

The Met Eireann snow and ice warning will come into effect from 11pm tonight, and will remain in place until 11am on Thursday morning. The warning states that “Snow and ice will lead to treacherous conditions. Some accumulations possible.”

The Met UK’s snow and ice warning will come into effect from midnight, remaining in place until 9am on Thursday morning, stating that “Snow and ice potentially leading to difficult travel conditions.”

Additionally, Met Eireann have issued a status yellow low temperature/ice warning to 26 counties, in place from 8pm tonight until 10am on Thursday morning.

That warning states that tonight will be “Very cold with minima widely falling to -3 or -4 degrees Celsius.”


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