Snow Is On The Cards As Ireland Is Set To Be Hit By 'Arctic Blast' Later This Week

Temperatures will plunge to sub-zero

Snow And Ice

If your Christmas party is this weekend, you'd want to have your wits about you. 

Temperatures are set to plunge to sub-zero later on in the week, bringing rain, sleet and yes... snow. 

It will be milder in the early part of the week, with temps at 10C on Monday and rising to 13C by Wednesday. 

However, on Thursday the mercury will plunge to -3C.

A forecaster said: "Thursday will be a bitterly cold day with fresh, gusty north to northwest breezes and afternoon temperatures of just 3C to 6C.

"There'll be sunny spells and showers of rain, sleet and snow.

"The likelihood of snow will increase in the evening and night as temperatures fall to between -2C and 1C.

"Friday will continue very cold with sunny spells and showers of rain, sleet and snow. On Friday night a sharp or severe frost will develop with icy patches as temperatures fall to between -3C and 0C.

"Saturday will be cold and mainly dry with sunny spells. Highest temperatures of 3C to 6C. At the moment, it looks like rain will spread from the west on Saturday night and will turn to snow for a time as it meets the cold air."

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Megan Cassidy