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20th Dec 2016

So This Is What Google Translate Makes Of The O’Donovan Brothers’ Legendary Interview


Well, sort of.

Thanks to the tireless handiwork of Hopeless Surfer, we now know what it’s like to live in a world where the Cork accent is translated for the mere mortal. 

This follows the plethora of perplexed and totally confused individuals wondering what the O’Donovans were wittering on about – thanks to their thick West Cork accents and Corkonian catchphrases.

The two have become the nation’s sweethearts, following their silver medal at the Rio Olympics – as well as an interviewer’s potential logistical nightmare – something they’re well aware of. 

To beat the Skibbereen stigma, Hopeless Surfer put together a Google Translate simulation on Twitter, to decode exactly what the Olympians mean.

It’s also pretty useful for frequent visitors to Cork, or for someone who has no idea when exactly the term ‘langer’ is appropriate.

Now, hopefully they’ll do the same with the Cavan accent…

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