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19th Jun 2017

Cork Trains Cancelled Over The Weekend Due To 100 Youths Drinking On The Platform


More than 100 youths drinking on the rail platform at Fota in Cork meant four trains were cancelled on Friday evening between Cobh and Cork.

The Irish Examiner reports that the teenagers were celebrating the end of their exams and were drinking on the platforms.

Irish Rail confirmed that four trains did not operate due to safety concerns caused by the large number of youths on the platform, and the Gardai were called to handle the situation.

It was several hours before a regular train service was resumed.

Cobh Fine Gael councillor Anthony Barry said that interfering with business and people’s schedules was “unacceptable.”

“It is always an issue at the end of exams, students letting off steam, we were all young once, but when their antics are interfering with business it is unacceptable.”

And people on Twitter were fairly pissed off about the disruption…

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