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09th Aug 2021

Ireland reacts to Kellie Harrington’s historic win over the weekend

Fiona Frawley

The scenes from Portland Row as Kellie Harrington landed her Olympic gold medal early on Sunday morning were undisputedly magic, and felt like a warm, victorious hug for Irish people everywhere after such a difficult two years.

I’m not much of a sports queen but you’d have to be made of stone to not jump on this band wagon. In every interview, Kellie Harrington comes across as warm, humble and so incredibly deserving, and based on what I’ve been hearing she’s not a bad aul boxer either. It was an amazing achievement by an amazing representative for our country, and to cure any Monday morning blues you may be experiencing we’ve rounded up some of the most heartwarming reactions we’ve seen to the win.

Truly, Reeling in the Years gold.

This gorgeous congratulatory post comes from St. Vincents Hospital in Fairview, where Kellie worked on the frontline throughout the pandemic.

Summerhill post box painted gold to celebrate Kellie’s win.

Gorgeous homage to Kellie by one of our fave artists, Emmalene Blake.

Plenty of push for Kellie to be awarded Freedom of the City after her amazing win, and how beautifully she’s represented the country throughout her time in Tokyo.

Sure of course she has an amazing set of pipes on her too. Is there anything this gal can’t do?

Kellie’s brothers on getting her home for a cup of tea and a bitta stick after her Olympic win. Obviously.

This too from Kellie’s brother, setting out the facts about community spirit in Portland Row.

The country rallying together to make sure Kellie’s kept in spuds after her long journey home.

Arguably the best part of all this is Kellie’s own reaction to the scenes after her match at home… she genuinely didn’t think anyone would even be up watching.

Also welling up seeing any and all posts about Kellie’s partner Mandy, who also coached her and kept her motivated throughout lockdown.

Kellie’s mother might have been too nervous to watch the fight itself, but her face here says it all.

Absolutely beautiful scenes, and such a deserved win.

Header image via Twitter/Olympics 

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