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11th Sep 2023

‘Explosive storm’ to hit near Ireland after heatwave, Met Éireann warns

Fiona Frawley

storm ireland after heatwave

Those who spent last week protesting about it “actually being too hot” are about to get their way.

Met Éireann has forecast a drop in temperatures and return of rain this week as an ‘incredibly explosive’ storm is expected to hit near Ireland.

This comes after Ireland was impacted by a thunderstorm warning over the weekend.

It seems that after our glorious heatwave, an ‘Atlantic influence’ is due to take back control over our weather once again this week.

This is according to the national forecaster, whose latest forecast also indicates that we have officially landed in autumn with ‘more seasonal conditions’ on the way.

Met Éireann warn of “explosive storm”

“While the signal for precipitation looks to be wetter that average, there will likely be some fully dry days too, most likely during the midweek section.

“So, after some unseasonably warm and humid weather, more autumnal conditions expected with reasonably high confidence as regards this upcoming trend.

“As we transition into the change of season, some impacts may be expected but none specific at present.”

Met Éireann

This will see a signal for mean air temperatures to be more aligned with daytime values in the mid to high teens, at best, and with some cooler nights to come too.

Meanwhile, UK experts MetWatch have warned that an ‘incredibly explosive thunder storm’ is making its way through Peterborough and is on its way to the Wash, with Boston and Spalding ‘in the firing line.’

“Frequent lightning, squally winds and likely flash flooding when it goes through your location. You’ll know when it comes!” they explained.

Well, the sunshine was nice while it lasted.

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