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30th May 2023

Fire service issues warning after sunglasses cause car blaze

Fiona Frawley

sunglasses car fire

Be careful what you leave on the dashboard this summer.

A fire service has shared how a pair of sunglasses left on a car’s dashboard managed to cause a huge blaze that ripped through the vehicle.

The reflective shades, which ignited the fire by magnifying a concentrated ray from the sun, melted the car’s plastic interior and parts of its engine bay.

The burn broke out at 5.05pm in a village in Nottinghamshire in the UK on Saturday (May 27) and was only put out after a fire engine attended the scene.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, who shared the image, warned motorists not to leave anything shiny in their vehicles that might also ignite a blaze.

Writing on social media, the fire service said: “The sun has been strong but beware this can cause fire.

“Earlier we attended a fire caused by sunglasses left on the dashboard. Make sure you keep reflective objects out of direct sunlight.”

Motorists who saw the photos on social media thanked the service for alerting them to the unknown danger.

One wrote: “Good information, looks nasty. Well done on giving out a warning and attending the fire.”

Another added: “Never knew that! Thanks.”

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Header image via Twitter/nottsfire


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