The Sydney Rose Mentioned #RepealThe8th Live On Air Last Night

And the people loved it

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Last night saw the first night of the hotly anticipated two-day event, The Rose Of Tralee, situated in The Dome in County Kerry. 

Many topics were discussed on stage with Daithí, including the usual charity work, Irish dancing and Newbridge Silverware. 

But there was one thing that was spoken about on stage that surprised us all...

Sydney Rose, Brianna Parkins, is winning over the hearts of many after making a reference to the repeal the eighth movement last night.

Brianna, who works as a journalist in Australia, spoke about a range of women’s issues during her time onstage with Daithí, including cuts to domestic violence charities.

I think it’s time to give women a say over their reproductive rights.

She called on Ireland to hold a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment.

Since then, Parkins has been receiving a world of praise from fellow supporters of the movement on the internet and beyond.

What's most surprising, however, is that out of all the tweets Brianna has received, barely any of them are negative. 

Parkins showed her support on the social media site just last night, wearing her Repeal t-shirt proudly and smiling.

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