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14th Feb 2018

Irish Hashtag #TooIntoYou Seeks To Raise Awareness Around “The Darker Side Of Relationships”

Megan Cassidy

A new initiative launched today by Women’s Aid seeks to raise awareness around “the darker side of relationships”. 

The #TooIntoYou social media campaign will run for three weeks culminating on International Women’s Day in March and encourages women to know the signs of abuse within a relationship, according to the Irish Times.

Director of Women’s Aid Margaret Martin noted that younger women are more at risk of abuse from a partner with 60% of abuse in Ireland starting before a woman is 25. 

She said: “In contrast to typically ‘softer’ Valentine’s messages our hope is that in calling attention to the darker side of relationships at this time that the campaign will have a high impact.

“We are clearly asking – what part of love is abuse?”

The campaign coincides with the Domestic Violence Bill due to be enacted next year. Under the bill, which is currently awaiting Committee stage hearing, psychological abuse and controlling behaviour will become crimes punishable by up to five years in prison. 

Magazine mogul Norah Casey is supporting the campaign and noted that she wished someone had warned her of the “tell-tale signs that I was being seduced into a toxic relationship”.

She said: “Every woman should know the signs. Prevention is far better than the consequences, tragically sometimes fatal, for women who are trapped in abusive and violent relationships.” 

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