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20th Dec 2017

The Worst Passwords Of The Year Have Been Revealed


The worst passwords of 2017 have been revealed, and there are some real humdingers on the list. 

Using data from up to 5 million leaked passwords in the USA and Europe, password management provider SplashData published these results yesterday. 

Unsurprisingly, “123456” and “Password” are in first and second place, with “12345678” coming in third. 

People’s hobbies and interests also make an appearance, with “football” at number nine and “starwars” in at number 16. 

These are all fairly easy to guess, so if you want to get yourself a stronger password then avoid all the ones listed here. 

Make sure you use at least 12 characters, combining upper and lowercase letters and numbers and creating different passwords for different accounts. 

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