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27th Mar 2017

This Death Notice Page Posted An Absolutely Bizarre Rant Last Night


The phrase ‘only in Ireland’ is thrown around a lot these days but we’re pretty confident that this story would never happen anywhere else.

It’s no secret that we’re a bit fascinated with death in Ireland and we’ve all answered a call that began with the words ‘did you hear who died?’.

As a result, there are websites, radio bulletins and even Facebook pages dedicated to making sure you’re the first to know if there’s been another passing in the parish.

However, things took a turn for a weird last night when Death Notices Waterford published an angry rant against their followers on their Facebook page.

Their gripe? People weren’t liking their posts enough.

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Stranger still, a post popped up on one of the Death Notices Sligo page a short time later instructing users on ‘death notice etiquette’ on Facebook – which, admittedly, is news to us.

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The ‘Death Notices’ group has since apologised for the posts, saying it was never their intention to “make people feel threatened or bullied”. 

“The sole aim of the pages is to inform people who otherwise for one reason or another might not hear of a person’s passing until after the event,” read the apology.

“We are obviously not looking for likes for posts but unfortunately for a page to stay current and seen by the people who are following it that is what has to happen people have to interact with the page. We apologise to anyone our post offended.”

Most importantly, the group has vowed to keep the pages going and make sure we never miss another death again.

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