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23rd Jun 2021

This Irish national treasure has written his first book

Fiona Frawley

When 2020: The Musical eventually goes into production one day not too far from now, Richard Chambers will definitely be one of the leading characters.

Along with the other members of the Holy Trinity of Covid news – Zara King and Gavan Reilly, he’s kept us in the know and up to date with everything from case numbers to easing restrictions, keeping everything clear and concise with his trademark emoji accompaniments so we had something colourful to look at while reading depressing statistics. After over a year of reporting, interviewing and researching it’s safe to say he’s seriously informed when it comes to Covid, and now we’ll be able to read all about it!

The book will tell the inside story of the pandemic in Ireland, from tension and rows behind meetings to the lived experience of healthcare workers. No doubt it’ll be a humdinger, and the Twitter reactions are flooding in already as you can imagine.


Could be a trilogy at the rate we’re going.

I think this one really hits home for us all.

And of course, a huge number of comments wondering how he found the time to write a book when he’s probably had one of the busiest years of his life. Seriously, an intimidating level of productivity. Anyway, the book’s available to preorder here! 

Header image via Twitter/Richard Chambers 

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