This Is How Likely We Are To Have A White Christmas This Year

There's good news and bad news...

Snowy Ireland

For some of us, Christmas is made when it is topped with a dusting of snow.

Everything looks so beautiful when it's transformed into a winter wonderland, but unfortunately we haven't seen snow for a good few years now.

So what are the chances we will have a white Christmas this year?

Snowy Bridge

Christmas is just over two months away, but the chances of having a white Christmas are not looking good. Ladbrokes is offering odds of 7/2 that December 25 will actually be the warmest Christmas Day ever in Ireland.

Oh wonderful…

The warmest Christmas ever recorded was in 1947, when temperatures reached 13.7°C and we might have a warmer Christmas than that.

While having a white Christmas is a dream, snowfall does make life a little more difficult. Commuting to and from work and school, driving the car and walking down the street are a little tricky with snow. 

So a warm festive season isn't all bad, eh?

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