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19th Nov 2017

This Is How Much The Oireachtas Bar Bill Was In 2016


And you thought the receipts you found in your wallet this morning were bad…

It has been reported that Irish politicians spent over €300,000 on booze, cigarettes and snacks in the Dáil bars in 2016.

According to Dublin Live, almost 8,000 pints of Guinness were downed, necked and dribbled in the Oireachtas bars in 2016, as well as wine, spirits and food at both bars inside Leinster House.

And the total bill between the Dail Members Bar and Visitors Bar? 

According to the Irish Daily Star: €317,380.06

In the all exclusive Members Bar alone, made up of 158 TDs and 60 senators – a whopping €112,965.30 was spent on a range of items including pints, spirits, crisps, chicken and chips, cigarettes, chocolate and snacks.

That figure, divided equally by all members, means, on average, each person spent €564 throughout the course of the year. 


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