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20th Nov 2017

This Is The Mindblowing Amount Of Food Ireland’s Strongest Man Eats In Just One Day


Think you have your bulking meals down to a tee? Think again.

Ireland’s Strongest Man Patrick O’Dwyer eats an insane 10,000 calories a day to keep up his Popeye muscles, but you’ll find mostly meat in the Limerick man’s fridge to feast upon.

His shopping sets him back about €400 a WEEK, and he told the Irish Independent that he prefers meats such as eh, horse.

“I prefer horse meat or venison because there’s a higher quality of protein and there’s less saturated fat. I get it off chef who does a lot of hunting for the venison and he gets the fillet of horse from an abattoir where they deal with horses and send them to France generally. 
“He’s believes you are what you eat and I believe him. It’s helped me a great deal eating all that meat.”

He even wakes up at 3.30am to gulp down a protein shake.

Here’s what the strong man chows down on each day:

Meal 1

250g of organic oats

750ml protein milk

1tbsp of honey

1tbsp cashew butter

1 protein shake with chocolate protein milk

8 raw eggs

Meal 2

1 Mass Gainer shake (1200kcal)

Meal 3

1lb of horse meat or venison mince

Stir friend vegetables


Meal 4

450g of chicken

Baby potatoes


Meal 5

3 pieces of fruit, usually a banana, apple and orange

1 protein bar

2-3 tbsp of cashew butter and coffee

Meal 6

Mass Gainer shake and a banana (1200kcals)

Meal 7

Large steak (usually venison or horse meat)



Meal 8

Mass gainer shake at 3.30am

Throughout the day

5litres of water

1litre of cranberry juice

1 litre green shake made with wheat grass and spirlina

Yikes – think you could eat that much?

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