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21st Nov 2017

This Is The Very Best Chipper In The Whole Of Ireland

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As a country famed for their potatoes, it’s no wonder that we take our chips pretty seriously. 

Considering that every town boasts its very own church, pub, shop and chipper says a lot – and the fact that we have whole establishments dedicated to the crispy morsels says more. 

And we’re not talking about the sweet potato, fried polenta or rosemary fries of today’s brood – we’re talking about the thick cut, deep fried, served-in-brown-paper-bag hand-made chips of yore, boasting enough salt and vinegar to deem the bag transparent. 

The kind of chips you’d pick up en masse as a family en route home from the beach. The kind of family takeaway whose chips you’re buying helps to send their kids to college. And the kind of chips that hit spots you never thought could be even touched.

And for all of those reasons and more, we’ve gone ahead and chosen Nellies takeaway in Curracloe, County Wexford as our out-and-out winner. 

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Now before you all start jumping down our throats, we’re fully aware that only recently has Nellies changed it’s name to Tim’s, and seems to be doing stellar business down in south Wexford. But it still holds up the incredible legacy that Nellies built from the ground up. 

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Combining a day spent getting sun-kissed while running for your life around the dunes, a chilly dip in the Irish Sea and enough sand at the bottom of the car to ensure it never being truly clean again with a fresh bag of steaming hot chips from the best of the best always seemed like something a little bit magic, and was perhaps the reason why they always tasted so bloody perfect.

That, or the fact that they are particularly unreal chips.

I mean, it certainly gave the people what they wanted anyway…

And even though its moniker has changed, it appears that a chipper called any other name would certainly taste as deece. 

Tim’s Chipper is a franchise that also owns a chipper in The Ballagh, County Wexford and is quite obviously keen to claim the title of Ruler of Chips before our very eyes. 

Boasting the same methods, recipes and even crew to handcraft these perfect mouthfuls – we assure you that a trip to Tims is everything Nellies once was and more. 

Let’s take this opportunity to welcome them on their quest for chip perfection, remember fondly the better times, and toast well-made chips for years to come.

Hear, hear!

(RIP Nellies, we’ll love you forever.)

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