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02nd Nov 2017

This Is The Official Word Of The Year For 2017 – And It’s Not Really Surprising


Collins Dictionary have revealed what the ‘Word of the Year’ is for 2017 and yes we know it’s technically two words and not one, but the expression has been used over and over again.

‘Fake news’ has taken the crown this year which has seen a 365% increase of use since just last year. Jaysis…

The word was previously mostly related to publications and websites writing about ‘fake news’, but has become increasingly popular due to Donald Trump who mentions the word ‘fake news’ quite a lot.

These tweets from the US President are just two days old… have a look:

Collins Dictionary defines ‘fake news’ as: “false, often sensational, information disseminated under the guise of news reporting”.

Last year’s Word Of The Year was Brexit, in case you were wondering…

Are you surprised that fake news is the ‘Word of The Year’ for 2017?

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