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19th Dec 2017

This Clever New Facebook Feature Lets You “Take A Break” From Your Ex


Finally, our prayers have been answered. 

Facebook is introducing a new feature which will allow those trying to avoid their ex to “Take A Break” from them on social media. 

The company said that millions of people break up with their partner on the social media site every week, according to


From now on, when a user changes their relationship status from “In A Relationship” to “Single”, they will have the option to “Take A Break” from their ex.

This tool allows users to control what their ex can see on their profile, when they see posts from their ex, and who can see their old posts.

This sounds ideal for anyone wanting to move on quickly from a relationship that ended badly, which is usually the case for every breakup. 

There will also be a new “Snooze” option for users which will put a stop to updates from certain people, pages or groups showing up in your news feed for 30 days.

It seems that Facebook is reading our mind lately, and we’re loving it. 

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