This Open Letter From A 21-Year-Old Hospital Patient Highlights The State Of Our Health System

"So far this evening I have heard things I wish I never had, some may say 'scarred for life'..."

Sick In Bed

It's no secret that there are still major ongoing issues in both public and private Irish hospitals.

From the severe lack of beds for patients to overworked, exhausted staff – it's a nightmare 

And this letter really emphasises that. 

Amy Ní Ghiollshallaigh wrote this open letter from her hospital bed last night after spending 48 hours in A&E waiting to receive attention, during which time she picked up further infection and got even sicker. 

This makes for disturbing reading...

You can't help but have extreme sympathy for Amy and the beyond frustrating situation she was put in. 

What do you think? Is it time to scrap this system that clearly isn't functioning.

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