This Province Officially Drinks More Tea Than Anywhere Else In Ireland

Anyone for a cuppa?

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We may be posting Pumpkin Spice Latte pics all over Instagram but when it comes down to it, tea is definitely our hot beverage of choice.

From comforting a friend or giving an opportunity for a gossip in the office, you really can't beat a cuppa tae.

So, supermarket chain Tesco decided to find out which province in Ireland is the most obsessed with tea... and the results are bound to spark a debate.

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Connaught came out on top, with 82 per cent of residents pledging allegiance to the mighty cup of tea and one-third of these revealed that they drank more than five cups per day!

Ulster came second with 78 per cent, while Munster lagged behind with 73 per cent.

The same level was found among those living in Leinster (outside Dublin) but unsurprisingly, given all the amazing coffee options available, Dublin had the lowest number of tea drinkers – with just 65 per cent admitting they were partial to a cup of Barry's or Lyons.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to stick the kettle on!

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