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03rd Nov 2017

Three Government Ministers Have Asked North Korea If They Can Fly In For Peace Talks

James Fenton

Minister Of State John Halligan has written to the North Korean Embassy in London to request permission for a visit to the reclusive state. 

Halligan wants to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a bid to instigate peace talks amid ongoing tensions with the U.S. and Donald Trump. 

Speaking on ‘Today With Sean O’Rourke’, Halligan was asked what the purpose of the visit would be to which he responded, “I would ask him to engage with democracy.”

Halligan also suggested that Minister for Transport Shane Ross and Minister of State for Disability Finian McGrath would accompany him on an potential trip to the Far East.

Halligan said the trip would not be an official government visit but rather they would be “going as a group of three prominent politicians in a country highly-respected around the world for its neutrality.”

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