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21st Jul 2018

Rejoice! Toblerones Are FINALLY Going Back To Their Original Size


When we first learned that Toblerones were changing to a much smaller size, we were livid.

To take a chocolate treat with a perfect level of thickness and just ruin it seemed like sacrilege to all us connoisseurs of sweeties.

Then when we saw its absurdly spaced out new look, equally ridiculous new applications of the triangular chocolate rapidly arose…

Thankfully that’s all now in the past, as Toblerones are set to return to their rightful size with a 33% increase in weight.

However, the future of the airport shop favourite isn’t all rosy. According The Telegraph, the price of an original-style Toblerone could become three times more expensive than its current price.

What do you make of this new development? Let us know in the comments.

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