Today is #NationalBoyfriend Day – Here Are 11 Tweets You’ll Relate To If You Don’t Have One

I'm not bitter...

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Well if today doesn't rub it in your face, I don't know what will.

Congratulations to all the lads and lasses out there who have boyfriends, but let's take a moment of silence for those of us who don't...

1. Like this gal

2. Alri Kanye 

3. Dead right 

4. See-yuh 

5. Your day will come...

6. Error 404

7. My bae is so hot

8. Where he at?

9. Agreed.

10. We all eat our feelings 

11. Say what?

This is a round-up of all the funny, boyfriend-less tweets. 

The tweets from actual #NationalBoyfriendDay celebrators are nauseating. 

Forever Alone By Foreveraloneplz

I'm not bitter.

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