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Taoiseach Says Trump Protests Are ‘Allowed And Welcome’ During Ireland Visit

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Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has welcomed protests against Trump’s upcoming visit to Ireland and said he “wouldn’t criticise anyone” for taking part.

The US president is due to arrive in Ireland at the beginning of June after a State visit to the UK, and it’s anticipated that he will visit his golf resort in Doonbeg, Co Clare and meet with the Taoiseach during his stay.

The Independent reports that Varadkar said there is no official confirmation on the visit as of yet, although it’s expected to come from the White House in the coming days.

Asked about potential protests about Trump’s visit, Varadkar said, “Peaceful protest is part of a democracy and I would certainly never criticise anyone for taking part in a protest if that’s the way they wish to express their views.”

He added, “A lot of people have been critical of President Trump, including me on occasion, on issues around climate for example, on his opposition to free trade, on the criticisms he has made of the European Union, and on issues such as women’s rights.

“I’ll have the opportunity, as I have in the past, to actually raise those issues with him in person but I understand that other people will wish to do so by means of protest and in a democracy, protest is allowed and welcome.”

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