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08th Dec 2017

Turkish Delight Hot Chocolates Are Now A Thing – And Here’s Exactly Where You Can Get Them

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Every so often, we find out that yet another delectable treat is available somewhere in out fruitful land and we fall in love with Ireland once more. 

That treat this time is the anything-but-humble Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate.

Yep – Turkish. Delight. Hot Chocolate. It exists. 

But, where?

Why, Maynooth of course! The land of tasty treats. Café Bon Bon to be precise. 

The powers-that-be in this gorgeous little eatery had a lightbulb moment and decided to combine the wonderful flavours of the two – and boy, are we dying to try one. 

With the festive season among us, it’d almost be rude not to…

Café Bon Bon is located on Mill Street, Maynooth, County Kildare. 

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