Two Members Of Boyzone Burst Into A Bride's Hotel Room The Night Before Her Wedding

The bride barely got any sleep


This would be an absolute nightmare.

A bride was kept awake all night after two members of Boyzone burst into her room.

The bride, Sarah Martinson, was getting ready for bed when Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy came into her room around midnight.

To make matters worse, their assistants burst in an hour later when she was asleep.

She told the Sun she was exhausted on the day of her wedding and it ruined the day for her.

The singers said the reason they charged in was because they thought it was their room but they were given the wrong key.

The hotel was holding an event for celebs the night before the wedding.

Sarah said she heard men in her suite who sounded drunk around midnight. “I told them they needed to leave, before realising it was Shane and Keith from Boyzone."

“They said they were looking for the minibar.”

A spokesperson for Boyzone said, “The boys were given keys to the room and had been told it was theirs. Once the hotel’s mistake was realised they left.”

It is reported that the hotel apologised to Sarah and offered her €1,900 in compensation.

This would be the last thing you need on your wedding day.

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Jennifer Cosgrove