US Paddy's Day Parade 'strictly' bans potato throwing

By Katy Thornton

March 2, 2023 at 10:31am


However, under-hand cabbage tossing is acceptable.


A Paddy's Day parade takes place in Metairie, Louisiana every year, but they've made a key adjustment to this year's festivities, which takes place on Sunday 12th March. Unlike other years, the throwing of potatoes will be banned at the 2023 festival.

Parade captain, Dan Civello explained their reasons for banning the majority of produce-throwing at this year's Paddy's Day parade in conversation with Eyewitness News (WWL).

"First of all, it's a safety issue."

The parade faced several complaints from by-standers who were reportedly hit by potatoes.


"Fortunately, I don’t think we’ve had anybody seriously injured, yet. We want to stop that before anything like that happens."


Gentle cabbage tossing at the parade is acceptable, but it must be done underhand. The rules say they "must not be thrown under any circumstance" but under-hand tossing is allowed.

As for potatoes, Civello reiterates the potential danger it can pose:

"When you throw a pound and a half of potato, somebody gets hit, they're gonna get hurt. It's happened."

Image via YouTube


Civello is confident that this year's Paddy's parade will be just as much fun despite the bans on potato and citrus fruit throwing.

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