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14th Jul 2023

Vape-users vow to never buy disposable vapes again after seeing how they’re created

Emily Mullen

There was one part of the manufacturing process that surprised many individuals.

Many individuals have pledged to never purchase disposable vapes again after seeing footage of the production process.

In recent years, vaping has gained immense popularity as a substitute for smoking. Amongst the younger generation, disposable vapes have become exceedingly popular.

Over in the UK, the NHS does suggest e-cigarettes as an alternative to cigarette smoking, but there are still risk factors associated with it.

And as more and more people take up the habit though, including an increasing amount of people who never smoked in the first place, vaping is coming under more scrutiny.

Some believe the colourful packaging and wide array of flavours make these products particularly attractive to teenagers.

This is along with growing concern over the environmental impact of disposable vapes, and the revelation in February this year that vapes being sold in the UK by one of the industry’s biggest players, Elf Bar, were 50 percent over the country’s legal nicotine limit.

But some people have been left more shaken up by a video showing how disposable vapes are made than any of the above factors.

In particular, one specific part of the manufacturing process has left people shaken up.

Watch the video below and see if you can work it out.

The video shows all the parts you may expect. The inner wiring being done, a machine applying the colourful skin and electrical testing on the devices.

As the production line assembles the product and they’re put in their casings, someone then applies the mouthpiece.

But the fact the factory worker does this with no gloves on has really shocked some.

Underneath the video, one person commented: “You are telling me that they are touching the tips of the vape without any glove on??

“Didn’t they know that their hands release grease constantly soo imagine while working?

“Bruuuh I would not buy these lol I ain’t looking to have a stranger’s finger print on my vape tip.”

Another person wrote: “Well, that doesn’t look very appetizing, how they attach the mouthpieces without gloves.

“That was definitely the last one I bought after seeing that.”

Meanwhile, others were more concerned by the amount of plastic that goes into creating the product, with one person labelling them “wasteful.”

Another “All that gonna be in the bin,” and a third asked: “Do all these just end up in the landfill?”

Yes, yes they do.

And for some, the video convinced them they’re life choices were best, with one person saying: “I’ll stick to breathing air.”

Last year, the government in Ireland announced plans for a complete ban on disposable vapes in the country, whilst in the UK Waitrose announced they would stop selling disposable vapes.

The supermarket cited “the environment and the health of young people” as the reasons for the move.

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