VIDEO: This Clip Of Ronan Keating Surprising Fans Will Make You Ugly Cry

Once a gentleman, always a gentleman

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Homegrown talent Ronan Keating has only gone and made us proud to be Irish, once again.

A genuinely nice guy, Keating is known for being good to his fans, and always up for the laugh. This time around, he's in Manchester, mid-way through his wildly successful ‘Time Of My Life’ world tour, and breaking hearts every step of the way. 

Proving that life is indeed a rollercoaster, Keating finds himself surprising an array of fans who've come to see him do his thing. 

He is received with an array of emotions; ranging from hysterical to laughter to people who simply can say Nothing At All. 

But sure, can you blame them?! What a dote. 

Well played Ronan, well played. 

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