Viral €10 Maxol chicken fillet roll was actually a labelling error

By Fiona Frawley

July 5, 2022 at 1:10pm


Breaking news for the hot chicken roll sector.

If you're partial to an aul Irish Twitter scandal, you probably saw a picture doing the rounds yesterday of a chicken fillet roll priced at a staggering €10.

Incase you missed it:

With inflation affecting a lot more than bouncy castles these days, many of us instantly believed the scandalous cost, boxing it off with petrol and pints as the latest in a series of terrifying Irish price hikes.

However, on closer inspection the more investigative Twitter users noticed the weight of the roll, according to the label - 2kg.


In fairness, we're big fans of the humble hot chicken roll here in Ireland - it's a national delicacy. But putting a 2kilo one away would be a challenge for even the most seasoned deli aficionados.

Following on from the uncertainty in the comments section we got in touch with the deli in question - Maxol on Dunmore Road, Waterford - who confirmed the price tag was in fact for two chicken rolls.

If it pleases the court, a second label has been submitted as evidence:

Image via Maxol Dunmore Road

The price tag shared on Twitter yesterday, via @dikdoktiktok

Maxol have also since commented on the Twitter post, writing: "Hi all, this is for 2 rolls, the price was €5 for each roll. Thanks."

To which @dikdoktiktok responded "No, it wasn't, it was for one wrap. However Ive realised it was probably just a mistake by whoever printed the label. It's easy happen and I just didn't cop it at the till".

To conclude, the price of a chicken fillet roll at Maxol, Dunmore Road is indeed €5. However, depending on who you ask, you've still got no chance at a mortgage if you buy one for lunch.

Header image via Twitter/dikdoktiktok and Maxol Dunmore Road 

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