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05th Jul 2022

Viral €10 Maxol chicken fillet roll was actually a labelling error

Fiona Frawley

two deli style labels for hot chicken rolls from Maxol

Breaking news for the hot chicken roll sector.

If you’re partial to an aul Irish Twitter scandal, you probably saw a picture doing the rounds yesterday of a chicken fillet roll priced at a staggering €10.

Incase you missed it:

With inflation affecting a lot more than bouncy castles these days, many of us instantly believed the scandalous cost, boxing it off with petrol and pints as the latest in a series of terrifying Irish price hikes.

However, on closer inspection the more investigative Twitter users noticed the weight of the roll, according to the label – 2kg.

In fairness, we’re big fans of the humble hot chicken roll here in Ireland – it’s a national delicacy. But putting a 2kilo one away would be a challenge for even the most seasoned deli aficionados.

Following on from the uncertainty in the comments section we got in touch with the deli in question – Maxol on Dunmore Road, Waterford – who confirmed the price tag was in fact for two chicken rolls.

If it pleases the court, a second label has been submitted as evidence:

Image via Maxol Dunmore Road

The price tag shared on Twitter yesterday, via @dikdoktiktok

Maxol have also since commented on the Twitter post, writing: “Hi all, this is for 2 rolls, the price was €5 for each roll. Thanks.”

To which @dikdoktiktok responded “No, it wasn’t, it was for one wrap. However Ive realised it was probably just a mistake by whoever printed the label. It’s easy happen and I just didn’t cop it at the till”.

To conclude, the price of a chicken fillet roll at Maxol, Dunmore Road is indeed €5. However, depending on who you ask, you’ve still got no chance at a mortgage if you buy one for lunch.

Header image via Twitter/dikdoktiktok and Maxol Dunmore Road 

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