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07th Jul 2017

WATCH: Donegal Donkey Makes Amazing Recovery With The Help Of Special Shoes


We hope you have a few tissues ready to wipe away happy tears, because the story of a little Donegal donkey who born with deformed legs and then made a miraculous recovery is SO goddamn cute.

Poor little Timmy the donkey was born with a deformity, leaving his hind legs bent and twisted which prevented him from standing or feeding normally. He’s the foal of Twilight, a donkey who was rescued by Raphoe Donkey Sanctuary, and the joy of his birth soon turned to concern when vets saw his little legs.

The donkey sanctuary however, couldn’t bring themselves to put Timmy down and vowed to do everything they could to help him.

So, with the help of a lot of generous donations from the public and professional help for Timmy, they were able to make special prosthetic shoes which were glued to his tiny hooves.

This is Timmy before…

And this is Timmy after, standing tall…

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Raphoe Donkey Sanctuary said:

“We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the professionals who have been involved in his care over the last year – our amazing farrier, vet, equine physiotherapist and the veterinary department at UCD for all their advice. 

“Also a huge ‘shout out’ to all of you ‘guys’ who generously donated towards his care plan & gave him the chance at life that he so richly deserved! We are overcome with the kindness shown to Timmy from the moment that he was born❤️”

The sanctuary are currently not able to take in any more donkeys and so have set up a Go Fund Me page for donations to help them help more donkeys just like Timmy.

So. Cute.

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