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01st Apr 2020

WATCH: Emergency services gather to sing happy birthday to Cork boy

James Fenton

As renditions of happy birthday go, this has to be up there with some of the most heartwarming you’ll see.

Young Rian from Cork is 10 years old today and he got a big surprise when members of the emergency services turned up outside his house to sing happy birthday to him. Rian’s neighbours must have gotten an awful shock when the sound of sirens was joined by a convoy of garda and fire vehicles on the quiet estate road.

After parking up, a couple of dozen emergency service members began to sing happy birthday to Rian, from a safe distance, and he looks overjoyed with their efforts.

One officer even promised that when all this is over, Rian will be able to join them on the beat with some garda dogs and Cork Fire Brigade has offered to join him for some cake.

The impromptu sing-song was organised by the Garda Little Blue Heroes charitable foundation and you can watch it in full below…

That is sure to bring a much-needed smile to plenty of faces this evening. Well done to all involved.

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