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17th May 2018

WATCH: Irish Radio Presenter Talks About Her Decision To Have An Abortion


This is heartbreaking. 

An Irish radio presenter has posted a video on Facebook and Youtube describing her decision to have an abortion. 

Saoirse Long, who presents Night Time Network on FM104, posted her personal story because, “there’s talk about how close this referendum will be. I can not and will not stay in a country that turns their back on women.”

She described how the trip to Manchester for the abortion was, “the most lonely journey I’ve ever taken” and how she saw a young girl, “hysterically crying on the ground, no one went near her, no one put their arm around her.”

She explained how she couldn’t go through with it and travelled home and how she had to travel again to Birmingham after Christmas.

“I had to put on a brave face for Christmas, no one knew what was going on with me, nobody knew anything.”

“It was the longest two weeks of my life, I don’t remember anything, it was a blur.”

“I was so sick, I was vomiting none stop. Looking up helplines, everything girls had gone through, everything was on the internet, everything was out of my reach it felt.”

“By the 3rd of January, I knew if I didn’t go do this, I wouldn’t be here today so I ended up going to Birmingham.”

Saoirse said she never wants to see another girl in her situation ever again. 

“Having to get a plane by herself, to a country she is not familiar with, to listen to accents she is not familiar with, to sit in a clinic she is not familiar with. Away from all her friends and family, with people outside protesting. I never ever ever ever want another girl to go through that again.”

“I have never regretted what I did, I know it was right for me because I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t done what I did because I wasn’t mentally strong enough.”

“Other people might regret it and that’s OK. That’s the whole things about this referendum – I am sitting here today and there is not one person who is pro abortion. Not one person.”

“This referendum is about pro choice, about giving girls like me, the right to choose what is right for their body. Not for you or anyone else to decide for them…”

“We need to vote yes for repeal the eighth on May 25th, because we need to stand by women, we need to be there for them, we need to support them and most of all we need to trust women.”

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