WATCH: Our Taoiseach Is Unrecognisable In This RTÉ News Clip From Back In The Day

Check out that long-distance stare...

Screen Shot 2018 04 13 At 12 33 53

Leo Varadkar is Ireland's youngest ever Taoiseach but it's still hard to imagine that he was, ya know, actually young at one point. 

In case you're one of those in doubt, this clip should put you right. It features 20-year-old medical student Leo being interviewed on RTÉ News by Annette O'Donnell about a number of issues including Ireland's relationship in Europe and his own future in politics. 

Screen Shot 2018 04 13 At 12 34 05

Look at him there, all fresh-faced and wet behind the ears. He could possibly even be described as 'brooding'...

Screen Shot 2018 04 13 At 12 33 53

To listen to young Leo's worldly views in full, click here

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