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18th Jul 2018

Things Are Going To Start Heating Up Again This Weekend


Music to our ears.

Met Éireann is predicting dry and bright weather today with highs of 20° and some scattered showers.

Pretty standard right? Luckily, it looks like we’re in for even better weather from tomorrow with the mercury set to hit 28° over the weekend.

Carlow Weather has predicted good news for Sunday as “weather models continue to show up to 28° Sunday with sunny spells. In the meantime little in the way of rainfall with just a small chance of some light rain, Friday with the drought continuing.”

Met Éireann is predicting fine and dry weather for the weekend “as high pressure becomes reasserted.” There will be a mixture of cloud and very warm sunshine. “Daytime temperatures will get well into the twenties – and up to the high twenties on Sunday.”

….Well, we know what we’ll be doing this weekend.

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