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07th Mar 2022

Well wishers rejoice! Moonpig have finally launched in Ireland

Emily Mullen

Sending that all-important card just got a helluva lot easier.

We’ve all been there, the intention is there to send the card, but the stamps or the envelope go missing and you can’t find a working Biro. While it might seem like a simple task, writing and sending cards can be a bit of a challenge in the crush of everyday life. That’s what makes companies like Moonpig so damn handy. The card can be selected, written and sent online, all without running the risk of getting a papercut in the process.

Over the years Moonpig, would be extremely well known across the UK, but in the last few weeks, they have launched in Ireland. Launching with a pretty special collection made up of over 300 designs from Irish artists and illustrators like Paul Delaney, Conor Merriman, Grace Coakley, Bronagh Lee, Twisted Doodles, Karen Flannery, Jacky Sheridan and loads more.

Offering same-day dispatch within Ireland for all card and gift orders placed before 4 pm Monday to Friday, the site is ideal for anyone that is a little on the tardy side of things.

As well as personalised cards, you can get a last-minute present on the site with things like gins, whiskey, bottles of bubbly, Butlers or Lily O’Brien’s chocolates available to buy with your order.

“The collection we are launching with is both unique and relevant for every occasion and we hope our Irish customers enjoy sharing these exclusive designs and gifts with friends and family. We are also so pleased to have been working with local Irish artists to ensure we showcase the best in local card design,” Moonpig CEO Nickyl Raithatha told us.

What are you waiting for? Get drafting those well-wishes pronto!

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