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21st Nov 2018

WhatsApp’s New Feature Is Really Bad News For Anyone Who Likes ‘Sexting’ Or Have Ever Done It

Darragh Berry

Forms of sexting have probably been around since whenever couples started sending letters to each other.

A long time to wait for a response, mind you.

But the term ‘sexting’ really took off in the 2000s and beyond with the development in technology.

For those of you who don’t know the exact terminology for ‘sexting’, it’s basically the sending or receiving of sexual words, pictures or videos using some form of technology.

It is, of course, the words sex and texting mushed together but something that’s so miniscule has become a really big part of research interest in the last few years.

Well, Whatsapp’s newest feature is about to take secrecy of ‘sexting’ and really turn it on its head.

Metro has said that receiving a WhatsApp message is about to become very tense, especially if you’re waiting for something saucy to come through.

If you are one who receives, or even sends rude videos, the messaging service is working on an update that could mean that previews of videos could pop up in the notification banner.

Meaning, that someone peeking over your shoulder could see the beginning, middle or end of the video before you even click in.


WABetaInfo has said that the video preview will be available within ‘push notification’ meaning that short clips will be able to be seen from the lock screen of your phone also.

The new function will be available on the version of of the messaging app’s software.

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