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12th Nov 2018

Younger Children Are Parents’ Favourites According To A New Study


In a survey carried out by Mumsnet, over half of parents who admit to having a favourite said their youngest child is their preferred child.

All our childhood suspicions confirmed in one sentence.

To make matters worse, grandparents also admitted to having a favourite grandchild.

39% of grandparents who admitted to having a secret favourite, said it was the eldest child who was the apple of their eye.

According to the findings, parents said that the reasons for choosing came down to how “easy” it was to parent the child (61%).

74% of parents and 67% of grandparents with a favourite said the child is unstintingly loving and affectionate.

51% of parents and 58% of grandparents with a favourite said that the child makes them laugh more than their other children or grandchildren.

Basically, the line “I love you all equally” is a big fat lie.

Only half of Mumsnet and Gransnet users agree that having a favourite is ‘awful’ (55% of Mumsnet users and 50% of Gransnet users).

Not surprised tbh.

So if you’re not funny, or “easy to parent”… you’re kinda screwed.

And if you’re a middle child?

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