15 Tweets That Show How Utterly Unimpressed People Were With 'Saturday Night With Miriam'

"Fresh hell right now on RTÉ. Guantanamo levels of torture"

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The highly anticipated Saturday Night With Miriam kicked off last night.

But a lot of people came away disappointed... with the guests, the topics and even poor Miriam's outfit. 

All they wanted was a good scandal, and unfortunately, it was far from scandalous.

Here are 15 tweets showing just how uninterested and unimpressed viewers were.

1. He mightn't be far off...

2. Bring back our Tubs

3. Not a fan?

4. And then there was the slight issue of her earpiece's voume

5. It really makes you think, eh?

6. Ah here, was it really that bad?

7. Indeed

8. And then the mic started acting up

9. Errrrr...

10. Ouch

11. They were not loving her stylist anyways

12. At all

13. Fashion?

14. Plenty of hatred for Louis Walsh in there too...

15. Sums it all up, really

Did you catch Saturday Night with Miriam? Did you love it or hate it?

Let us know in the comments.

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