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10 Burgers From Around The World That You Have To Try Before You Die

By niallharbison

June 18, 2018 at 11:26am


If you like traveling you will no doubt have hamburgers in all shapes and sizes. Arrive in any city in the world and you can be sure they do some version of the humble burger. We wanted to focus today on 10 of the places around the world doing insane versions though and taking things to another level completely. You won't be able to die happily until you have worked your way through this list. You may however want to book in a bit of a diet and work out session after eating them...

1.The Pornburger

This isn't a restaurant but rather a website set up by one man with an obsession with creating incredible burgers and taking even nicer photos of them. He does do dinner parties though so book yourself in and sample one of these bad boys!

pornburger thefullmounty

2.The Douche Burger

This one is a bit of a piss take from the guys in 666 Burger which is a food truck in New York. Fed up with all the fancy expensive burgers taking away from the very essence of a burger they created this burger which costs $666. It is made using Kobe patty, stuffed with foie gras and wrapped in gold leaf with caviar, lobster and truffles piled on top. One person actually bought one of these.


3.Voodoo Doughnut Burger

Another one from America and you are going to go on a serious diet after eating. Served in a place in Portland called The Original the beef comes served between a glazed doughnut with melted cheese and bacon. Surprisingly the reviews are all super positive and it only costs $7.25.

54f9270030a83 - the-original-voodoo-burger-xl

4.The 20,000 Calorie Burger

The heart attack grill lives up to it's name in Las Vegas by serving the burger with the most calories in the world. The Octuple Bypass Burger is the one you want to go for and remarkably the restaurant says anybody weighing over 350 lbs eats for free in there.


5.The Lasagna Burger

Served in anAustralian restaurant this treat might not look super appealing but the reviews of it are all super positive. Deep fried lasagna is the bun for the burger with loads of tomato sauce.


6.Waffled Mac And Cheese Burger

What can you say about this little home cooked beauty apart from the fact that it looks like poetry in motion. Not that hard to make either if you have a waffle press. Want!!!

7.The Ramen Burger

This was only invented in 2013 on a food stall in New York but it has exploded in popularity and the guy behind it is taking it to LA next. Fried pressed ramen noodles replace the bun.


8.Ahi Tuna Burger

Gott's is a chain of restaurants in California that is fast food but everything is made fresh. They serve bottles of wine and some of the best burgers in the world. This is sushi grade Ahi tuna seared rare with ginger wasabi mayo, Asian slaw & cilantro on a toasted egg bun. Order it with chili spice-dusted sweet potato fries and some of Schramsberg's Blanc de Blancs and you've got a well-rounded meal!


9.The Grilled Cheese

You better like cheese because this double cheese burger comes sandwiched between two freshly grilled cheese sandwiches at Oddfellows.


10.The $5000 Rossini Burger

This burger is served in Burger Bar in vegas. It features black truffles, fois gras and lobster as an extra if you so desire. The burger itself "only" costs $65 but they have a special deal with a bottle of 1995 Château Petrus for a cool $5000. Can't say we'll ever be trying one of these unless we win big on our next visit!



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