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02nd Nov 2023

Pints in Europe’s ‘cheapest city for beer’ cost almost five times less than Irish average

Katy Thornton

Your next holiday destination, perhaps?

If you’re a real beer enthusiast, and looking for somewhere to enjoy it on the cheap, the best place to head is to Debrecen city in east Hungary, where Europe’s cheapest pints can be found.

Well, it turns out the ‘cheapest city for beer’ in Europe is located in east Hungary.

Debrecen is the capital of the country’s Northern Great Plain region and, according to dealchecker, is home to the cheapest pint in Europe.

A scan of shows that a pint of beer in Debrecen will set you back just 94c on average.

Meanwhile, the website outlines that here in Ireland the average price for a pint from a pub is now €4.38.

Some quick maths will let you know that a pint in Ireland is therefore just less than five times more expensive than a pint in Debrecen.

Illuminated city hall in Debrecen, Hungary

Europe’s ‘cheapest city for beer’ where pints cost nearly five times less than Irish average

Dealchecker’s travel expert Rosie Panter says of the Hungarian city: “Expect elegant shops, a cultural centre filled with archaeological artefacts, and of course, stretches of bars and pubs where you can take advantage of great value drinks.”

The former capital of Hungary, Debrecen is the country’s second-largest city and is also one of its most historic.

Some of its sights include the golden Reformed Great Church, the centuries old Grand Hotel Aranybika and the city’s central square, as well as its thermal baths and numerous museums.

Unfortunately, a look on Skyscanner and various airlines shows that it is currently impossible to catch a direct flight from Dublin to Debrecen.

However, if you do somehow manage to get there in the winter months, be warned – the weather is likely to be much colder than here in Ireland.

This article originally appeared on JOE UK 

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