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20th Dec 2016

18 Things You Have To Eat In Manchester Before You Die


Let’s forget about being on a diet or worrying about eating healthy and just have a little dream about some of the very best food there is out there to eat in Manchester. With an exploding food scene, amazing bars and market stalls popping up, there really is no shortage of great food to eat. Get these 18 things on the list (possibly not all in the one sitting) and get stuck in! Drool alert!

1. Cane & Grain – Chicken Wings

And while you are here it would be just rude not to wash them down with an awesome craft beer.


2. The Grill On The Alley – Porterhouse Steak For 2

This absolute beast will set you back a cool £75 but it is actually big enough for about 6 people. Come hungry!


3. Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn – Mixed Tacos

Not just a place to eat but also a dive bar and general hub of fun with awesome cocktails and food in this Mexican style dive bar. Mixed tacos have to be tried to be believed.

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4. Panchos – Quesadillas

Who doesn’t love Mexican food these days and although the rage is all about Burritos we reckon this is one of the best Mexican dishes you’ll eat anywhere in Manchester.

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5. Umezushi – Tuna Tataki

Easily the best sushi in Manchester by our reckoning and although you have 100s of options to choose from their sushi is the way to go as so fresh and delicious you’ll be in heaven.


6. Zouk – Lamb Nihari

Most people coming to Manchester for the first time get pointed to Curry Mile but that would be to ignore this incredible signature dish in one of the most modern and beautiful restaurants in the city.


7. Hawksmoor – The Burger On The Bar Menu

This incredible creation only costs £12 even though it is some of the best beef you will ever taste and it comes with small nuggets of bone marrow. Off the charts good!


8. Sweet Mandarin – The Ribs

This Chinese restaurant has won countless awards and is always busy and although they serve lots of great food – if they only served ribs we’d be back every single day.


9. Home Sweet Home – The Cakes

Very much the place to come to on the list if you’ve a sweet tooth. Step up to the fridge and pick a huge slice of cake and you can die happy.


10. Viet Shack – Prawn Summer Rolls

The food in here is absolutely insane and to ignore the other dishes is a shame but the huge prawns in the fresh summer rolls are absolutely to die for. Especially funnily enough in summer!


11. San Carlo Cicchetti – The Lobster Pasta

Most people think of celebs when they think of this spot but the food is off the charts good. The lobster pasta isn’t cheap but you’ll love it..


12. Albert’s Shed – Sticky Toffee Pudding

Every restaurant in the city will do some sort of dessert but we reckon this tops the lot for those of you with a sweet tooth. Check it out.


13. Oak Street Cafe

One of the healthier options on the list but an absolutely delicious way to start a morning. Great buzz in here and you’ll be licking the pot clean!


14. Common – The Doughnuts

Skip the whole menu and go with a tea, coffee and about 9 of these delicious doughnuts!


15. Ply – The Plain Mozzarella And Basil Pizza

Easily the best pizzas in Manchester as far as we are concerned and when they are this good why mess them up with loads of toppings.


16. My Lahore Cafe – The Mixed Grill

Get a few pints into you and come with a serious meat appetite and possibly a few friends to finish this monster of a platter off.


17. Rosylee – Fish And Chips

The main dish that they are known for and an absolutely huge portion with mushy peas and tartare sauce. What more could you want!


18. Australasia – The Monkfish

Once you get over the spectacular entrance you’ll realise this is all about some serious cooking. The monkfish dish is probably one of the best fish dishes in the city.