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20th Dec 2016

18 Things You Have To Eat In Belfast Before You Die


Let’s forget about being on a diet or worrying about eating healthy and just have a little dream about some of the very best food there is out there to eat in Belfast. With an exploding food scene, amazing bars and market stalls popping up there really is no shortage of great food to eat. Get these 18 things on the list (possibly not all in the one sitting) and get stuck in! Drool alert!

1. Lamb Ribs – Deane’s At Queens

The come as a starter or a bar snack and once you taste them you’ll never think about lamb in the same way again.


2. Burrito Bowl – Boojum

You could have anything on the menu but the bowl seems to be popular or late. Less carbs and more of the good stuff. Everything on the menu is amazing in fairness.


3. Bacon Fried Cornflake Chicken Burger – Le Coop

Known for all things chicken in here and if you are going to eat something that isn’t great for you then you might as well go out in style!


4. The Sloppy Joe – Cuban Sandwich Factory

Not too many cuban restaurants in this part of the world but thank god for this spot doing classic Cuban sambos. Get stuck into this pulled beef version and expect to get messy!


5. Pavlova – Avoca

Not only does it taste absolutely out of this world with insane soft and crunch mixed together but the portion size is insanely big as well! Well worth the trip here.


6. The Ulster Fry – The Mad Hatter

Everybody has their favourite, but if you want a proper big feed, great tea and no bullshit then this is where you have to head. Immense.


7. Duck With Rhubarb – Molly’s Yard

Wonderful food and craft beers here and they cook several types of meat slow and low for great results. For a real special experience try their Duck With Rhubarb and ask them on advice to pair it up with a special drink.


8. Lobster With Black Truffle – James Street South

One of the very best restaurants in the entire country and when they put this dish on the menu drop everything and get down here immediately. Tastes like something from another world.


9. The Butcher’s Special – The Barking Dog

Changes daily and always a super interesting meat dish. Like this rump steak with black pudding croquettes. Serious one for the meat lovers this.


10. Ice cream profiteroles – The Potted Hen

They do lots of great cooking in here but once you’ve had this dessert you’ll probably never discover anything better in the capital again. So good.


11. Natural Oysters With Guinness – Mourne Seafood

Could have picked from any of their seafood dishes because they are all fresh and awesome but go with the classic here and enjoy life because it doesn’t get any better than this.


12. The Chilli Mac – Alley Cats

Serving amazing American street style food and this bad boy of a burger is sure to sort out absolutely any hangover. Messy but incredibly tasty.


13. Sashimi & Sushi Platter (chef’s selection) – Zen

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Japan when you come in here. The service is top notch and the food prepared to the highest standards and made using the freshest ingredients. Make sure you’ve room for a rake of cocktails – they’re unreal here.

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14. The Sunday Roast – Twenty One Social

Sometimes on a Sunday you just want a good bit of home style cooking but done in style. The roast dinner here has all the trimmings and is super value for money.


15. Ham, Spinach And Egg – Little Wing Pizza

So many people turn their nose up at this combination but then they try it and there is no going back. Super fast service and always good in here.


16. Fine Roast Chicken – John Henry’s

New kid on the block serving up amazing BBQ food and their chicken that is slow roasted is absolutely to die for and full of flavour.


17. The Breakfast Bap – Belfast Bap Company

Right in the heart of George’s market and serving up the very freshest bread. Go for the classic with black pudding, bacon, hash brown and revel in the sheer boldness of it all!


18. S’mores Brownies – Treat Boutique

We thought we’d keep the richest and boldest thing on the list to last. Pop in here and pick up one of these and you will literally feel as if you are in heaven!


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