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10th Jun 2017

27 Reasons Belfast Is The Best Little City In The World


Belfast is fast becoming one of the most exciting and diverse cities in Europe. From the people through to the wonderful things you can do there to entertain you there are very few cities that will excite you as much as Belfast. 

To prove our point we decided to put together these 27 reasons why it really is the best little city in the world. Book your travel and get up there ASAP…

1. Because it is home to a “crisp sandwich cafe”


2. Because you are only half an hour away from some of the most stunning coastline in the world

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3. Because the people are unbelievably friendly

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4. Because the city is packed full of amazing pubs

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5. And hotels that look like this

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6. Because the Ulster Fry is one of the best things you’ll ever eat

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7. Because the most famous ship ever, “The Titanic” was built here

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8. Game Of Thrones is filmed here

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9. Because the city hall looks exactly like all city halls should look like

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10. Because of the proper market in St George’s Street

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11. And the seafood they serve here is simply out of this world

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12. And in general the architecture is on another level

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13. Some of the world’s biggest achievers call this home

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14. Home to Queens which is one of the most unique and iconic universities in the world

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15. Because you are never far away from the water in Belfast

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16. Home to parliamentary buildings that look like this

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17. It is an incredibly affordable city

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18. Potato Farls. ‘Nuff said.

Irwins potato cakes modified

19. And the start up scene is starting to explode with incredible companies like Brewbot

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20. Because it is the city that gave us Boojum – the greatest burrito you’ll ever eat

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21. There are always amazing festivals on and things to do

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22. Even the animals are friendly

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23. And the museums are as good as any you’ll find across the world

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24. You are right beside some of the best golf courses in the world

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25. Because the view across the city on a nice day looks like this

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26. Because a walk around the Botanic gardens is an absolute pleasure


27. But most of all because people have learned to live together no matter how hard it seemed at times

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Thanks to Visit Belfast for the photos.

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