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21st May 2019

27 Reasons Why You Have To Visit Copenhagen Right Now


Copenhagen is fast becoming one of the must-visit destinations not just in the Nordics, but for people all across the globe. The city is buzzing at the moment with a mixture of great people, food and things to do and see. If you were on the fence about heading over there, we’ve put together a list that will finally convince you to pack your bags and go. I had a great weekend there and although there are many more reasons, here are 27 of the best to persuade you to visit Copenhagen:

1. There Are Highways For Bikes

If ever a city was made to be enjoyed on a bike then this is it. Danes take their cycling very seriously with entire parts of the road dedicated to safe cycling. Safe and a great way to see Copenhagen.


2. The World’s Best Restaurant

Noma has been voted the best restaurant in the world on numerous occasions. Although that is great it is the overall standard of food and how that has filtered down to other restaurants here that is so impressive. Nordic cooking is now among the most progressive in the world.


3. Christiania

Hard to describe unless you have seen it but this is a real life living hippie commune. Have their own rules for the 850 residents and the place is run under the “Christiania Law of 1989”. It’s like walking into another world!!!

Copenhagen entrance christiania

4. The Meat Packing District

Probably makes you think of New York, but this is no cheap imitation. The place is buzzing with cool bars, restaurants and people who look like they’ve just walked off an Armani photo shoot.


5. You Are Always Beside The Sea

The whole capital is surrounded by the sea and you’ll only really appreciate it when you get a river cruise. Some call it the “Venice of the North”.


6. Outstanding Design Is Everywhere

The Danes like to do things really well and that is especially true of design. The furniture shops and design shops here are as good as you’ll see anywhere in the world and give you serious design envy.

arne-jacobsen-chairs photo fritz hansen

7. Wi-Fi In Taxis

Any city that has taxis driving around with their own Wi-Fi networks that makes life much easier for tourists arriving without a phone signal gets our vote.

wifi taxi

8. The Opera House

When you host opera events you have to build something that is fitting for the production and boy have they managed that here. Slick Danish design at it’s very best.


9. Danish Pastries

They are so good that the name has traveled all over the world but you’ll be amazed at home much richer and more satisfying they are here compared to anything you have ever eaten in other countries.


10. There’s A Huge Selection Of Shops

From local boutiques through to the biggest brands and designers in the world Copenhagen has it all. Tight little shopping area makes it great for walking around too.


11. Torvehallerne

This permanent indoor food market is an explosion of excitement, buzzing energy and wonderful food. The perfect place to eat your way to happiness at the weekends.


12. Everybody Speaks Perfect English

Unlike other countries where you will have to make an effort to speak to locals in their language you’ll find most Danes speak better English than you do yourself!


13. Because Of The Hygge

A hard concept to grasp but it essentially translates as cosiness and the Danes are mad about it. Usually involves candles, blankets and good friends.


14. Probably The Nicest Airport In The World

Most airports are a pain to spend anytime in whatsoever but the airport here is like a mixture between a high end shopping mall and the best restaurants in town. You actually would rather stay a little longer if anything!


15. Gay Pride

The Danes are an incredibly liberal society and their pride march in August every year is a celebration and the city truly comes alive.


16. One Of The Cleanest Cities You’ll Ever Visit

You’ll go a long way before you find dirty streets in Copenhagen given the huge obsession with recycling and obeying rules in Denmark.


17. Smørrebrød

One of the dishes that the country is most famous for. Essentially just a topping on some bread but there are 100s of combinations and ways to eat it making this a must have treat.


18. LEGO

One of the things that Denmark is best known for. Even if you don’t have time to travel down to the factory where it is made you’ll find a large LEGO shop and a country that worships it’s most famous export.


19. Danes Are The Happiest People In The World

Countless studies say that the Danish are the happiest people in the world. They pay some of the highest taxes around but their healthcare, transport and lives are easier as a result. You’ll struggle to talk to anybody who isn’t superbly happy with their lot.


20. They Built A White Sand Beach

Even though Danes have pretty much everything they could ever want from a city their quest to make themselves even happier resulted in them building a sandy beach. Amager Strandpark looks like it could be in the Caribbean.


21. Distortion Music Festival

Tens of thousands of people across the city enjoying great music, cold beer and the Copenhagen sun make this a once in a lifetime experience for festival lovers.


22. Tivoli Gardens

Slap bang in the middle of the city and one of the quaintest parks you will see in a city. Feels like walking into a movie or some sort of parallel universe. Wonderfully unique.


23. Incredible Coffee

Making good coffee is all about precision, not rushing and clean simple processes. Given that the Danes are so good at all those things some of their coffee shops are absolutely outstanding.


24. Drinks Outside In Nyhavn

The colourful buildings are home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the city and a wonderful place to have a few drinks in the summer or under blankets in the winter while people watching.


25. The Monarchy – Amalienborg Palace

Probably one of the most liked and respected royal families in the world. The Danes are proud of them and their palace is a must visit.


26. The world’s Oldest Amusement Park

You’ll go to amusement parks with better rides and attractions than Bakken but you’ll never go to an older one with the park being built way back in 1583. Just 10km outside the city and a whole bunch of fun for the family.


27. The Old Architecture

Although the new modern shops and designs are amazing the Danes have been at this for hundreds of years so their old buildings and architecture is stunning and blends perfectly with the new.


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