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27 Reasons Why You Need To Move To Chicago Right Now

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One of the most iconic cities in the world situated right in the very heart of America, Chicago is one of the coolest places in the world. From the people to the food and the amazing things you can do in your spare time it really is a remarkable city. Just to give you a little helping hand we thought we’d put together a list of some of the incredible reasons why this city is so special. Look through these and ask yourself how could you not move here to live immediately?

1. You’ll be able to ice skate in majestic surroundings like this in the winter

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2. The public transport actually works and makes the city so easy to get around


3. Millenium Park should be the template for all other parks around the world


4. The view from up high is something else


5. The cityscape is absolutely stunning no matter what angle you see it from


6. Each year they turn the entire river green for St. Patrick’s Day


7. It’s home to some incredible world class museums and top end attractions so you’ll never be short of something to see


8. You’ll be able to spend a day out at Navy Pier


9. It is home to some of the best sports teams in the world


10. The architecture is on another level compared to other American cities

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11. Deep dish pizza. ‘Nuff said.

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12. Fireworks over the lake need to be seen to be believed


13. Because you’ll find some of the best shopping in the world here


14. Wrigley Field is possibly the most iconic sports stadium in the world


15. You’ll always be minutes from the beautiful Michigan Lake


16. Which means cruising out onto it in the summer


17. You can get a world class education in the iconic universities here

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18. You’ll be able to party in the bars until the wee hours – 4am closing could be a bad thing though!

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19. You’ll never live in a cleaner city

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20. Because of O’Hare and being in the centre of America means you can fly pretty much anywhere at ease


21. And no other city does Christmas quite like The Windy City


22. The brilliant live shows covering everything from “The Chicago Blues” through to comedy


23. And the place is a heaven for craft beer lovers


24. Which you can use to wash down some of the most diverse and exciting food in the world


25. Because once you can handle a winter in Chicago – you can handle a winter anywhere


26. There are festivals here in all shapes and sizes


27. But most of all Chicago is about the people who live here


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