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20th Dec 2016

A Breaking Bad Themed Bar Will Open In London This July


Walter White is making a come back….sort of. To be more precise an RV is hitting London in July that will be fully kitted out just like the one in the famous show but instead of cooking meth it will be a pop up cocktail bar.

The pop up bar (Location yet to be revealed) with host 22 people per night and allow guests to cook their own cocktails in a fully functioning RV. You can follow them on Twitter as the excitement builds and you better sign up for tickets ASAP as they say it is one a first come first served basis. They say the pop up will run for 3 months but give the demand and the overall popularity of the show we can see this running full time. Tickets are £30 and Guests will enjoy 2-hour cocktail mixing sessions with their reservations and the bar will be decked out with all kinds of Breaking Bad paraphernalia such as gas masks, blue meth crystals and chemistry flasks.