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08th Feb 2017

Cork Airport Is Sharing These Adorable Adventures Of A Child’s Lost Teddy Bear


We’re pretty sure that every one of us has had that horrible moment as a child when a precious teddy has been lost and never returned. (We’ll never forget you, plush-stuffed Pickachu 1999-2001 RIP <3)

So when Cork airport found a little pink teddy on Sunday afternoon, they did what any good teddy Samaritans do and tried to find its owner via Facebook, saying that:

“This pink Teddy should have been heading off on a flight earlier today but got separated from his travelling companions.”

They reassured his owner that Teddy had his dinner and tea, and was being well looked after in the airport lounge.


On Day 2, after Teddy’s owner still had not been in contact, they figured they better try a bit harder to reunite Teddy with his family.

Oh Teddy. Sweet, sweet, Teddy. 

Day 3 of #bringteddyhome and the pink fella was obviously trying to make the time pass as best he could, by playing the blues.

Cork Airport said that “Teddy has decided to entertain staff and passengers while waiting for his rightful little owner to claim him back. Please share and help us in our efforts to reunite Teddy and owner very soon.”

Teddy Piano

Who knows what adventures Teddy will get up to today on Day 4, but we’re guessing it’s time he’s brought home.

If you recognise this pink teddy bear,  affectionately known as ‘Teddy’, you can contact Cork Airport here.

Here’s hoping that his owner is reunited with him soon!

All images from Cork Airport Facebook.

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