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15th Jun 2018

The 7 Best Things To Eat At Dublin Airport


When you head to the airport you are usually super excited about an exotic holiday or focused on the business trip ahead. Between remembering the boarding pass print out and finding enough clean underwear for the trip, one of the last things on your mind will have been eating some good food. Rather than just grabbing a cold cardboard sandwich we thought we’d share 7 of the best meals to eat in Dublin Airport. Some crackers (well not actual ones) here…

7th. The Garden Terrace – The Fry Up (T1 Airside)

They do good burgers, traditional steaks and pub grub at the Garden Terrace but the main reason you should come here is for the full Irish fry up. All the more reason to set the alarm a little early and to give yourself a good start to the holiday before jumping on the Ryanair flight. Found just after the departures.


6th. Gourmet Burger Kitchen (T2 Arrivals)

The chances are you’ll have eaten in one of these before in a city centre and they do just as good of a job here. Certainly a step up from Burger King or McDonalds and it’s great that people arriving here see something at this level of quality. GBK is also the perfect place to chill out while waiting for people to arrive. Park the car and grab the chicken and avocado burger.


5th. Upper Crust – Ham & Cheese Baguette (T1 Arrivals)

The main thing that most people grab when flying is a sandwich and I’ve found in most airports around the world they are absolutely disgusting. You’ll have to eat this before passing security but they serve gorgeous crispy baguettes, good pastries and are on the lower end of the cost scale.


4th. Butlers – Pain Au Chocolat And Coffee (T1 And T2 Airside)

Nothing worse than having to wake up and catch a red eye, but just after you get through security there is an awesome treat waiting for you. Join the queue and get some of the best coffee you’ll ever get in an airport and throw in a sneaky couple of pastries for breakfast too!!!


3rd. Anti Oxidant Juice – JUMP – (T1 Arrivals Hall & Pier D)

Flying is usually a time of high stress but also a time when you share lots of small places with random strangers. The chances for getting sick are higher than normal so skip the food and grab a juice to give you an extra boost.


2nd. Flutes – Seafood Platter (T2 Airside)

It probably seems super expensive and high end when you look at the menu but the reality is you won’t find much better quality food in the airport. By the time you buy a shitty sambo, water and crisps you’ll be close to the €16 that the gorgeous seafood platter costs here. So why not treat yourself to a little luxury with great food and super service?


1st. Thai Green Curry – Diep Noodle Bar (T2 Arrivals)

Diep is well known in Dublin city for their super Asian cooking and their venue in the airport is definitely a godsend. You get proper wok cooked food and it sets you up perfectly for a flight. You’ll have to eat here before security (or after arrivals) but I don’t think you’ll find much better standard food in any airport in the world.


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